Getting More Secure With Dark Fiber

For years, financial institutions have been dark fiber enthusiasts. Up until recently, the reasons why have been fairly simple: control and speed, which serve as the key components for increasing or decreasing bandwidth. On Wall Street, having that “predictable ownership economic advantage” could make you millions and set you apart competitively. Couple that with having complete control over the network and the ability to manipulate bandwidth capacity at any given time, and financial institutions find themselves with a major advantage.

In today’s environment, network security breaches are not only talking points within the industry and throughout analyst reporting, but also sWall Streeterve as news bites across mainstream media. As data growth and – in turn – bandwidth needs increase all around the globe, companies are trying to accomplish two things; successfully fulfill their networking and storage needs by assessing and building out their networks, and doing so securely and without disruption to service.

Now financial institutions need to consider dark fiber for more reasons other than ownership economics and bandwidth control. Dark fiber is physically private, which enables users to control the equipment and software they deploy, thereby ensuring the utmost security parameters are met for their specific line of business. Additionally, building out a customized dark fiber network that connects to multiple strategic data center sites meets typical security standards and eliminates the possibility of loss of service.

“ have many hurdles to overcome when implementing a strategy that successfully meets the demands of their business,” comments John Trodden, Jr., SVP of Sales for Axiom Fiber Networks. “Bandwidth control is paramount in an ever-changing environment and having the ability to change bandwidth internally, without engaging your service provider, allows for greater economies of scale. Axiom Fiber provides Wall Street with a resilient, customized network that allows for ultimate control and peace of mind.”

In short, financial workloads require extreme bandwidth and secure connectivity that service providers who sell traditional Ethernet services simply cannot provide. The connection between firms and the data center rely on the speed of the network, and the potentially precarious amounts of data that financial fiMoneyrms control is best suited for a dark fiber network. By partnering with a dark fiber network whose interconnections to customers are competitive,  secure and compliant, is obviously the way to go.

When you’re ready to set yourself apart from other financial institutions on Wall Street, the Axiom sales team is ready to discuss the benefits and resiliency of the dark fiber we provide. We know the impact of downtime and are here to engineer the best solution for your peace of mind. The resilient network is in the dark fiber Axiom delivers with the Speed, Simplicity and Confidence your financial firm deserves.

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